The London Centre for Commercial and Financial Law - LCF
The Future of the Commercial Contract in 
Scholarship and Law Reform 

Fifth Annual Conference 

Friday 16 October 2020 10.00-17.30, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square, London WC2B 5DR



Organised by the London Centre for Commercial and Financial Law,
Professor Mads Andenas QC
Academic Convenor: Dr Maren Heidemann
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London

London Centre for Commercial and Financial Law (LCF) continues research undertaken at the IALS Centre for Corporate and Financial Law based at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London) 1997–2019. 
The 2020 conference explores topics in commercial contract law with a focus on sustainability, not only to combat climate change by contracts to promote the use of green energies but by supporting an ethical approach to supply chains. Commercial contract topics may also cover the impact of contemporary and post-Brexit international trade law on trade in goods and trade in financial products and services on the development of contractual relationships. They may include challenges for the legislator, challenges as well as in international dispute settlement. 
The conference is organised in four panels:
Panel 1: Chaired by Prof. Mads Andenas and Dr Maren Heidemann - This panel continues to look at the general theory of commercial contracts such as their definition and distinction from consumer contracts as well as general legislative challenges. The latter may include aspects of climate policies impacting on supply chains, standard contracts, contracts by adhesion. Another legislative influence may come from the role of model laws and non-state law, uniform law conventions and and other international treaties.
Panel 2: Chaired by Catherine Pédamon - This panel focuses on 1) how commercial contract law can be used to promote sustainable trade, particularly with respect to global supply chain, and how commercial contract law can mitigate the risks that cross border trade is exposed to, 2) global regulation of transnational commercial contracts; and 3) post-Brexit international trade law.
Panel 3: Chaired by Dr. Jospeh Lee -  The panel focuses on 1) how private law such as commercial contract law can be used to promote green & sustainable financing and the relevant legal risks and legal uncertainties; 2) how financial regulation, including platform regulation, can act as an enabler in parties’ arrangements in promoting green & sustainable financing i.e. closing the legal gap or promoting contractual opportunity; and 3) how soft law initiatives and other legal innovations can reduce transaction costs in green financing & sustainable financing.  
Panel 4: Chaired by Hendrik Puschmann -  Dispute resolution including international commercial arbitration. This panel will look at emerging trends in international arbitration including investment treaty dispute settlement. A focus is on challenges to arbitration such as arguments on impartiality or the effectiveness of arbitration clauses.

The deadline for submitting an abstract is 31 May 2020. Please email abstracts of up to 500 words to either of the convenors at the contacts below:
Contact Convenors:
Dr. Maren Heidemann, LCF and University of London – info[at]
Professor Mads Andenas, LCF and Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London –info[at]
For conference information and booking:

Conference registration fees: Standard Rate for delegates - £75.00; Concessionary Day Rate for Speakers and Students - £50.00; Concessionary Half Day Rate available only to Students - £35.00. Registration is not yet open.
If the event cannot be held due to current circumstances persisting, the event will be held as a webinar. Revised registration fees will apply.
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