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Date: Thursday, 17th December 2020
12-1pm ( UK time )-  Online event -
Title: LCF and  UCL Centre for Ethics and Law: Lunchtime Seminar on 
 "Private enforcement of conduct of business rules in financial regulation - is there a role for contractual ethics?" 
Round table discussion of the book 
Dr Federico della Negra, Legal Counsel at the European Central Bank (ECB) , Author, 
Prof. Mads Andenas QC, University of Oslo, LCF and Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, (Chair) Prof. Iris Chiu, University College London, Director Centre for Ethics and Law (Co-Chair) 
Prof. Em. Jan H. Dalhuisen, King's College London and 
Prof. Olha Cherednychenko, Professor of European Private Law and Comparative Law  and Director Groningen Centre for European Financial Services Law, University of Groningen
Dr. Maren Heidemann, London Centre for Commercial and Financial Law (LCF), (Host).

Event generously supported by Hart Publishing. 

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Date: Friday 16th October 2020,  fully online
Title: Fifth Annual Conference on The Future of the Commercial Contract in Scholarship and Law Reform
Keynote speaker: Professor Franco Ferrari, NYU
"Limits to party autonomy in arbitration"
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Click here to listen to the Introductory Presentation by Dr. M Heidemann on the legal framework of global supply chains and how LCF's work on contractual ethics and this conference fits in with that. Click here for Introductory Presentation slides.
Click here to listen and watch the Presentation by Catherine Pédamon, University of Westminster and Dr. Radosveta Vassileva, University College, University of London: Contractual Performance in times of Covid 19 –  does Anglo-French legal history repeat itself? (Panel 2)
Click here for a downloadable copy of all other presentation slides submitted to the conference.


Date: Friday, 11th Oct 2019
Director: Professor Mads Andenas
Description: This conference follows up on research undertaken at IALS during the 2016-2018 period. It invites new participants to the project and new topics to be added. A special focus will be on law and technology, the role of artificial intelligence in contracting, so called smart contracts, blockchain and other forms of digital interaction and digitisation in commercial contracting, enforcement and civil liability. This can include arbitration agreements and ‘electronic’ dispute settlement.
Academic convenors: Dr Maren Heidemann, IALS, Catherine Pédamon, University of Westminster and Dr Joseph Lee, University of Exeter.



Date: Wednesday 5th June 2019
Speakers: Dr Maren Heidemann, IALS, University of London; Dr Simon Desbruslais, University of Hull; Dr Martin Parker Dixon, University of Glasgow 
Description: The seminar brings together scholars from several disciplines of the arts and humanities in order to revisit the notion of harmony in a number of contexts. Harmony plays a role in music, architecture, sculpture, philosophy, sociology and many more scholarly disciplines, last but not least in the law where it has acquired a fixed place in legal terminology without ever enjoying a clear definition, though. Harmonisation of laws is often used as a  synonym for uniform law on an international level. Within the EU, it has its most proliferous use in the context of law but has been replaced by the term ‘approximation’ in more recent legislative texts. The convenors of this event believe, however, that harmonisation, if understood properly, could be a powerful tool in shaping better law and are proposing research with the aim to explore the full potential of harmony and harmonisation for the law by building a new, innovative and interdisciplinary method and meaning of harmonised law. 

Event materials: Slides of presentation (PDF)
Academic convenors: Dr Maren Heideman and Dr Simon Desbruslais


Date: Wednesday, 30 Jan 2019 (16.00-19.00 hrs)
Speakers: Mads Andenas, Professor of Private Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway; Senior Research Fellow and Director of CCFL at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. Iris Chiu, Professor of Corporate Law and Financial Regulation at University College London; and Series Editor of ‘Macmillan Corporate and Financial Law’. Marc Moore, Reader in Corporate Law at the University of Cambridge; Series Editor of ‘Macmillan Corporate and Financial Law’. Catherine Pédamon, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head for the LLM in International Commercial Law at Westminster Law School, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Westminster, London. Hendrik Puschmann is a Partner at Farrer & Co, London, where he is co-head of the arbitration practice; Fellow Commoner of Clare Hall, Cambridge; and Visiting Senior Lecturer in international law and commerce at Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (Austria). Daniele D’Alvia is a qualified lawyer (Italy), PhD candidate and Module Convener for Comparative Law at Birkbeck, University of London. Maren Heidemann is a qualified lawyer (Germany); an Associate Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Studies, University of London; and a guest lecturer and postgraduate tutor at Queen Mary, University of London. Sara Hourani, Senior Lecturer in Law at the Law School, Middlesex University, London. Joseph Lee, Senior Lecturer at the Law School, University of Exeter. Jon Finch, Law Editor, Macmillan Higher Education, Springer Nature. Luke Block, Law Editor, Macmillan Higher Education, Springer Nature. Amanda Woolf, Marketing Officer, Macmillan Higher Education, Springer Nature.
Academic Convenor: Dr  Maren  Heidemann,  IALS


Date: Friday, 12 Oct 2018 (10.00-17.00 hrs)
Title: Third Annual Conference “The Future of the Commercial Contract in  Scholarship and Law Reform” 
Special focus on hardship in commercial contracts
Keynote Speakers: Fabrizio Cafaggi, Professor of Law, European University Institute, Florence, and Consiglio di Stato, Rome, Italy, Jason Chuah, Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law and Head of Department of The City Law School, City, University of London, Djakhongir Saidov, Professor of Commercial Law, The Dixon Poon School of Law, King’s College, London 
Academic Convenors: Dr  Maren  Heidemann,  IALS,  Ms Catherine Pédamon, Westminster University and  Dr  Joseph  Lee,  University  of  Exeter
Date: Friday 20th October 2017; (10.00-17.00 hrs)
Keynote Speakers: Prof., Jan H  Dalhuisen, King’s College, London, Prof. Juergen Basedow, Max-Planck Institute Hamburg; Prof, Ewan McKendrick , University of Oxford
Academic  Convenors:  Dr  Maren  Heidemann,  IALS,  and  Dr  Joseph  Lee,  University  of  Exeter
Date: Thursday  22nd Sept  2016  (10.00-18.00 hrs )  
Title: "The  Future  of  the  Commercial  Contract  in  Scholarship  and  Law  Reform –  European  and     Comparative  Perspectives" 
Keynote Speakers: Prof Mindy Chen Wishart, University of Oxford; Professor  Robert  Lee,  University  of  Birmingham 
Academic  Convenors:  Dr  Maren  Heidemann,  IALS,  and  Dr  Joseph  Lee,  University  of  Exeter 

Other past events at the IALS (CFL):

Date: Friday, 15 December 2017, (10.00-16.30 hrs)
Title: “Contemporary Issues in Financial Markets Law and Company Law – National, International, European and Comparative Perspectives”
Keynote Speakers: Professor Diamond Ashiagbor, IALS; Professor Blanaid Clarke, Trinity College Dublin
Academic Convenors: Dr Maren Heidemann, IALS and Professor Gudula Deipenbrock, University of Applied Sciences (HTW), Berlin

Date: Friday 7 October 2016, (13.00-17.00)
Title: “Changes and challenges in cross-border litigation: a post-referendum view from the UK”
Keynote Speakers: Prof. Andrew Dickinson, University of Oxford; Prof. Giesela Ruehl, University of Jena
Academic  Convenors:  Dr Maren  Heidemann, IALS and Dr Lorna Gillies, University of Strathclyde

Download presentation slides Dr. M Heidemann

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