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Access Individual Recordings

Each seminar priced at £5  is 90 minutes in playback time. The "New Voices" series is available from Vimeo (registration required; fee applies).

Full day conference recordings are priced at £10 and play for around 7 hours.

Recording of 6th Annual Conference 15th Octorber 2021

"New Voices" Series (Forum 1 Series 1) – currently available from Vimeo

- four roundtable seminars discssing  new or recent books on financial regulation and civil liabilty and venture capital law in China -

Recording of 27th April 2021 (Markovits). Forum Series 2 "Meet the authors" Seminar 1.

Recording of 16th October 2020. Full day event recoring, 7 hours.

Access combinations of event recordings

Recordings of all Forum 2 "Meet the authors" seminars - coming soon

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