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Event Recordings

Our recordings are available for a small fee unless otherwise stated. They can be accessed here and also through the links in the respective event listing on our 'Past Events' page.

The following recordings are currently available:

Recording of Forum Meet The Authors Series 1 Seminar 2: 

Book launch roundtable seminar on "The Aristocracy of Talent. How Meritocracy made the Modern World" (Penguin 2021) by Adrian Wooldridge

Prof. Mindy Chen-Wishart on good faith

Prof. Stefan  Vogenauer

on unfair terms in Asian contract law


Short Intro ; Hendrik Puschmann; featured talk - Riturpana Padhy on monetizing of arbitration awards

On purchase, you will receive a separate email from LCF containing the link to the full recording which is stored on the Vimeo platform. Please do check your spam filter!

Recording of Forum Meet The Authors Series 1 Seminar 1: 

Book launch roundtable seminar on "The Meritocracy Trap" (Penguin 2019) by Daniel Markovits

The following recordings are now part of our online courses

Recording of Forum :New Voices" - Fifth Roundtable Seminar 27th May 2021

Book launch of : "Venture Capital Law in China" (CUP 2021) by Lin Lin

Recording of Forum :New Voices" - Fourth Roundtable Seminar 20th April 2021

Book launch of Diane Bugeja: Reforming Corporate Retail Investor Protection. Regulating to Avert Mis-Selling

(Hart 2019)

Recording of Forum :New Voices" - Third Roundtable Seminar 25th March 2021

Book launch of "EU Investor Protection Regulation and Liability for Investment Losses. A Comparative Analysis of the Interplay between MiFID & MiFID II and Private Law" (Springer, 2020)

by Marnix Wallinga

Recording ofSecond Roundtable Seminar 3rd Feb 2021

Distinguished speakers present and discuss: "Financial regulation and civil liability in European law" (EE 2020) edited by O.O. Cherednychenko and M. Andenas, editors. 

More free recordings are here

Free Introductory Presentation

17th December 2020 Roundtable by Dr. M Heidemann

From Recording of 5th Annual Conference

"The Future of the Commercial Contract in Scholarship and Law Reform"

Keynote speaker: Professor Franco Ferrari, NYU

"Limits to party autonomy in arbitration"

recording date: Friday, 16th October 2020

Watch free: Keynote (Clip with Intro)

Free Presentation by Catherine Pédamon and Dr. Radosveta Vassileva

5th Annual Conference 16thOctober 2020

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